Donate to Our Pool

Fox Mill Woods could use your help!  Our neighborhood Northern Virginia swimming pool and Swim Club needs help producing social events, decor, and other "extras" for the enjoyment of our fabulous members. Donations are NOT tax deductible, but would greatly add to the services we can offer members. 

Please consider donating:

  • Old printers or laptops

  • Gas grills

  • Food or gift cards for swim team pep rallies.

New in 2019: Now you can donate your vehicle to support FMW! Thanks to our partnership with the CauseNetwork Foundation, you can take the maximum tax writeoff allowed by the IRS, and proceeds from the auction of the vehicle will be donated to FMW. Vehicles don’t need to be in working order to be donated and towing is free! Click here for more information or visit

Or contribute a cash donation to the club, which will help cover extra recreational activities, extra basketballs, flower pots etc. for the enjoyment of our members.  Donate $10 or more and receive a FMW car magnet!

Donate Now