Swim Team 2018 Registration

Summer Swim Team in Northern Virginia

Is your child ready for a summer of action-packed fun? If so, sign them up for the Fox Mill Woods summer swim team! Your child will get to participate in swim practice with peers and compete in exciting meets throughout June and July. With our expert swim coaches leading the way, your swimmer will master the strokes while having a blast.

Ready to join the Fox Mill Woods Fintastics? Join our club today by filling out a contact form!

Summer League Swimming In Northern Virginia

One of the most exciting parts of becoming a member at Fox Mill Woods is getting to cheer on the youngsters as they compete in summer swim meets. The Fintastics are in division 10 of the Northern Virginia Swim League, where they race other local clubs while practicing great sportsmanship and showing off new swimming techniques.

Children can become a part of the Fintastics if they:

·         Are 18 years old or younger

·         Are part of families who are current paying members of Fox Mill Woods 

·         Can swim 25 meters (1 lap) in freestyle form without stopping

Practices begin in May and go through the end of July:

MAY 30 - JUNE 23
13 & OVER     4:00-5PM
8 & UNDER    5:00-5:45PM
9-10              5:45-6:30PM
11-12           6:30-7:15PM

JUNE 26 - JULY 28
13 & OVER     8:00-9:00 AM
9-12              9:00-10:00 AM
8 & UNDER    10:00-10:45 AM
MINI FINS      10:45 -11:15 AM

Check out our swim team practice FAQs or our general swim team handbook to learn more about the Fintastic policies at Fox Mill Woods.

Northern Virginia Developmental Swim Team

Is your little swimmer not quite able to finish a lap without stopping? The Mini-Fins may be perfect for you! Our developmental swim program in the Northern Virginia provides advanced instruction for swimmers not quite ready for the continuous laps that the swimmers on the team do each day.

Under the guidance of our certified coaching staff and older swimmers, your child will learn:

·         How to complete a lap of the pool on their own

·         How to do each of the four competitive strokes

·         How to do a starting dive

Want to sign your child up for our Mini-Fin program? Contact Fox Mill Woods to learn more!

Summer Swim Team Has Available Memberships!

Swim Team Memberships for Families in Northern Virginia

Take advantage of our thriving summer swim team program and sign your child up today! We take pride in our team spirit and great sportsmanship during both practice and competition. See why we consider our little community a family and become join the fun today! Our summer swim team is just one of the many fun activities we have at Fox Mill Woods.

Members also enjoy:

·         Swim lessons

·         Weekly pot-lucks

·         Playground activities

·         Member socials

·         Tennis

·         And much more!

Learn more about our available memberships today!

To register your swimmer for the swim team or the Mini-Fins program, you may do so online via our Swimtopia website.