Each Friday night prior to a Saturday morning A Meet, the FMW team will gather under the pavilion for a casual evening of dinner, socializing and a pep talk from the coaching staff. This is a wonderful opportunity for the team to connect, families to meet, and have fun.  Our coaches also will take this time to acknowledge the hard work the swimmers have given during daily practice and to recognize the improvements swimmers have made from week to week.  

Dinner is provided for all swimmers.  If there should be leftovers, parents and siblings may join in.  Many families use this opportunity to bring a picnic dinner, or go in with other families for a potluck. 

Following the meal and coaches’ talk, there is always a fun activity such banner-making, cheerleading, BINGO, or a talent show.

The pep rallies usually end by 8 p.m. so the swimmers can go home and get some much needed rest before Saturday morning’s meet.